Strange virtual landscapes.

The Land of SkyIslands

Project by Erica Layton. SkyIslands is comprised of multiple parts on multiple VR platforms, including GearVR demo apps for Oculus Launchpad 2016.

Check out the webVR scenes below, built in 2016 with a-frame.io

Islands Over Water

This scene can be viewed in the browser or with Google Cardboard. In the browser, you can fly around in the scene using the ancient and powerful W A S D keys. Click and drag to look around.

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View with Firefox or Chrome browser: move with WASD keys, click and drag to look around. Or view with Google Cardboard.

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Carnival Globe Trees

Please use headphones, to hear the sound of the trees singing..

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SpaceBlob Towers

You're lost in a strange desert.

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Redwood Dusk

Towering trees rise through the dim mist

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The Spider's Gate

The Spider's Gate is a SkyIslands game demo GearVR.

In-headset video footage

SkyIslands VR Oculus Launchpad Demo

Among the winning entries for OLP 2016.

In-headset video footage